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Remote Development

AppCentric's remote development service provides the optimal mix of expert, highly experienced resources and a delivery model that allows for very cost-effective development.  All of our remote development is performed either in the United States or Europe.

Programming Languages:

AppCentric's team has expertise in today's most popular development languages including: Java, C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, PL*SQL, Visual Basic .NET

Development methodologies:

AppCentric can work within any development methodology that your organization uses, including traditional methods and Rapid/Agile methodologies.

Resources in your timezone:

AppCentric's development resources are located in the United States and Europe.  Resources are assigned to projects based on timezone and language matches.  So while work is done remotely, the AppCentric resources are working the same hours as your team and can meet and speak with you in your language.

Full Projects or small tasks:

AppCentric can deliver large, multi-resource projects and can also provide resources for small projects or granular tasks.  For large projects, AppCentric can provide project managers and team leads as well as developers. 

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