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Risk Assessment:

Our risk assessment service will address and document security / compliance issues and business continuity / disaster planning issues.  The result of our risk assessment service will be full documentation of your current risk management position as well as an actionable plan to improve your risk management profile.

Risk Mitigation:

Our risk mitigate service is where we implement the suggestions in our actionable risk management plan created during the assessment phase.  The result of this service is an enhanced risk management posture. 


The final piece of risk management is ongoing evaluation.  AppCentric can audit your comprehensive risk management activities and ensure that they are achieiving the desired goals.  This is a recurring service which usually occurs 2 to 4 times per year.

Risk Management

Risk Management involves three critical processes: risk assessment, risk mitigation, and ongoing risk evaluation.  A key consideration is balancing the economic costs of protective measures with the gains in risk aversion.  IT risks include not only security and compliance risks but also business continuity risks.

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