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Full Service Cloud migration and support services on Oracle, Amazon, and IBM Cloud.  Design and implementation of full and hybrid Cloud models.  Ongoing management services ensure that your organization achieves maximum productivity and minimum downtime.


Consulting Services:

AppCentric can demystify the seemingly endless array of cloud offerings and help your organization design a cloud strategy that is consistent with your organization's needs and goals. 

Migration Services:

AppCentric's can migrate part of or your entire onsite infrastructure to the Cloud service(s) of your choice. 

Development Services:

If you are looking to build a grounds-up application in the Cloud, our team can do it for you or help your team get it done.

Support Services:

When running platform or infrastructure as a service (and to some extent software as a service), you'll need the high-quality support services that AppCentric provides.  For more information on our Remote Support services, click here.


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